Men who date younger women live longer

The Economists 1843 magazine recently posed the question of what is the best age gap in a relationship. This particular question sought to understand the effect of a big age gap in relationships. The importance of this particular question is that its more common now for people to get into relationships where there are wide age gaps. This is unlike the past where relationships were between people of almost the same age. The magazine parsed various studies and data including divorce rate and life expectancy. The studies and data were meant to help explain the effect of age gap on various aspects of life in both men and women.

The findings of the question posted by The Economists 1843 magazine were that the younger the man’s partner, the longer he is likely to live. This means that the men with younger partners have higher life expectancy. From the findings it was clear that majority of the men who have younger partners had better chances of avoiding various things that might lower their life expectancy. This means that such men are usually happier and as a result they are likely to survive for longer than the men in relationships with partners who are almost their age.

It is also important to know what high end escorts can teach a married man. The report from the study done by the magazine quoted a study done by University of Stockholm. This particular study concluded that men who are aged above fifty and had younger partners had a longer life expectancy than the men dating partners who are within their age bracket. This study also found out that the older a man’s spouse is the worse the chance of surviving. This means that men with older spouses have lower chances of survival compared to men who have younger spouses. This is even after controlling things such as wealth and education. The study therefore shows that a man can increase his chances of survival by getting a younger spouse.

The report from the Economist’s also quoted figures from the Britain’s Office of National statistics. These figures showed that there is no correlation between a bigger age gap and an increased rate of divorce. This means that the age gap does not influence the rate of divorce in any way when it comes to men. Many people would expect that partners who have a wide age gap would have higher chances of getting divorced than the partners in the same age bracket. But the figures showed well that divorce rates in men are not affected by the age gaps since even partners who have a wide age gap can enjoy happy relationships.

Surprisingly, the benefits only seem to apply to men. This means that older women who marry younger men are more likely to divorce. This was affirmed by the Britain’s Office of National Statics which showed that women who marry younger men have higher rates of divorce. The study from the University of Stockholm also concluded that the bigger the age gap the worse the chances of survival for the women. This is regardless of whether the women are the ones who are younger than their partners or they are the ones older than their partners. Therefore, the age gap has different effects on both men and women who are in relationships.



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