How Breast Implants Affects The Accuracy of Heart Attack Testing

According to Breast Implants Perth, breast implants could potentially decrease the accuracy of heart attack examinations. The findings have found that women who have undergone breast implant surgery have a higher risk of experiencing heart attacks. This is because it will be more difficult for the devices to locate the existing symptoms on these women. Those who have undergone breast enhancement procedures will have a hard time producing accurate results during diagnostic cardiac routine tests. Electrocardiogram (ECG) is a type of test which is recommended to patients who have a past incident of suspected heart attack. During the ECG process, electrodes are used to assess the heart’s electrical activity and rhythm. It is generally used to determine the most appropriate treatment for the patient. It also helps detect various types of abnormalities.
A recent conference held in Vienna focusing on heart problems have found that medical readings for patients who have undergone breast implant surgery are far less accurate. As a result, they are at a higher risk of being diagnosed inaccurately with heart attack. Important symptoms may also be falsely diagnosed because the devices would be blocked. According to recent statistics, there are 25,000 women in the United Kingdom who undergoes breast implants. Dr. Sok Sithikun Bun is a lead author and cardiologist at the Princess Grace Hospital located in Monaco. He said in an interview, “Our research suggests that having breast implants will make it significantly more difficult to determine if the heart has existing symptoms of a possible heart attack. We often use echocardiography on these women simply because regular ultrasound could not penetrate through the breast implants.”
Research suggests that the breast implant may block electrical signals which are coming from the heart. It may also force the electrodes to move to a different position. Dr. Bun has advised women who have undergone breast implant surgery to inform their doctor before doing an ECG. He said, “It is important for doctors to be aware that the ECG results could possibly be incorrect for patients with breast implants. If the doctor has any doubts regarding the accuracy of the diagnosis, additional blood tests should be performed.” He also suggested that women who intend to have breast implants should first undergo ECG before they have the procedure. This way, they would already have an existing file on hand for the doctor’s reference. Dr. Bun also explained that this is a wise decision so that any inaccuracies on the ECG findings may be prevented.



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