Karl Stefanovic Breaks Silence On His Divorce

Karl Stefanovic, the most scrutinised man in Australia this year breaks his silence on family and new love. According to Family Lawyers Perth, Karl has finalised his divorce with his ex-wife.

This lovable maverick of Australia won over the hearts of Australian audience with the light-hearted approach to co-hosting with Lisa Wilkinson.

Karl tells the Stellar magazine that he is taking things slowly in the new relationship. He said that he met her on a boat, but going slow for many reasons.

We saw him eating the world’s hottest pie. We applauded him for making a point on sexism by wearing the same suit for an entire year.

Karl split from his wife Cassandra Thorburn, the mother of his three children in September last year.

He was seen kissing his new love, Jasmine Yarbrough, a 33-year model and businesswoman five months after his divorce.

Karl has spoken to the Stellar magazine about the betrayals, difficulties dealing with the unprecedented levels of attention and his new relationship.

Karl’s Divorce From Cassandra

Karl had moved out of his home, and he was staying at his friend’s apartment.

Within two weeks, they put their North Shore home for sale which later sold for $3.8 million.

The journalist left his wife with $6 million in cash and assets besides the child support.

The increased public interest and coverage made it more difficult for him to navigate through the difficult time.

Karl and his new love, Jasmine

The photograph of the pair kissing on a super yacht in February confirmed their relationship.

They made their first appearance as a couple at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week earlier this year.

Since, then, they have been regularly seen together around Sydney. Last month, the couple enjoyed a relaxing break in Tahini on a luxury yacht hosted by James Packer.

Karl said he did not expect to meet someone so soon. He stated that he did not know her before and met her on a boat in Sydney.

Stefanovic said he would not share too much about his new relationship, especially considering its possible impact on his three beautiful children.

The Media Scrutiny

After spending two decades in the industry, Karl understands very well how media works, but he could not stand that kind of attention. Karl remarked that TV is very different as it is very controlled and it can do nothing to prepare him for what was to come.

The unprecedented media attention made it very difficult for him to even step out of his home. He said it he was afraid of going out as he did not know how to handle this kind of attention.

Karl’s Future At The Today Show

A channel nine spokesman told media that after a successful year in 2016, Karl is on Today Show in 2017.

Talking about his new show This Time Next Year, he talked about his own life and how his life has changed since the last year.

He said that he would be happy to see Ben Fordham take his place as he is



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