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Goldner Fitness Center Bldg. 3444 Crane Rd., (580)442-2740 Hours of Operation Mon – Fri, 5am-8pm Sat, 8am-4pm Sun, 10am-5pm Holidays, 8am-6pm Jacob Denton,  Facility Manager Goldner Fitness Center, our second most senior fitness center, is located on the western side of Fort Sill main post. If you’re looking to pump some iron, this is the place to be. Goldner Fitness Center has 20,298 square feet available for the fitness monster in all of us. The top of the line Hammer Strength Free weight, and Selectorized weight equipment available to for weight lifters of all levels. Goldner Fitness Center also provides over twenty-five pieces of Precor and LifeFitness Cardio Equipment.

Honeycutt Fitness Center 921 Randolph Rd. (580)442-4670 Hours of Operation Mon – Fri, 5am-8pm Sat, 8am – 5pm Sun, 10am – 4pm Holidays, 8am-6pm Rick Justice, Facility Manager Honeycutt Fitness Center, our most senior fitness center, is located on the eastern side of Fort Sill main post. If you’re looking to improve your cardio, the staff at Honeycutt can take care of you. This 31,475 square feet fitness center provides the patron with ample opportunity to improve your cardio fitness, as well as you strength endurance. Honeycutt also offers a designated spinning bicycle room with over thirty spin bikes with a great sound and light show provided during your spinning workout. There is also a designated fitness/pilates/yoga area for those who wish for a more relaxed workout.

Rinehart Fitness Center 2730 Bragg Rd., (580)442-6712/6652 Hours of Operation Mon – Fri, 5am – 9pm Sat, 8am – 8pm Sun, 8am – 8pm Holidays, 8am – 8p Pool Office (580) 442-6200 Claudia Mejia, Facility Manager

Rinehart Fitness Center Pool Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times Mon -Fri, 5 am – 8 pm Sat, 8 am – 7 pm Sun, 8 am – 7 pm Holidays, 8 am – 7 pmm

Rinehart Fitness Center, our most recently built facility, offers its patrons multiple opportunities to increase their fitness levels through the use of the over thirty pieces of the latest Precor & LifeFitness cardio equipment, as well as, Hammer Strength free weight and selectorized weight equipment. “The front lobby and restrooms have been totally remodeled. There are new bleachers and paint in the gym area and the side goals are now retractable which makes viewing for special events including re-deployment ceremonies much better. There is new flooring and paint in the weight rooms. The cardio theaters have new 12-foot ceilings and the walls have been redone and there is new matting in them. The racquetball courts have had the floors refinished and one of tne of the best additions to the facility is a heat and air system that provides heat and air throughout facility.” This 50,325 square feet facility provides patrons the ability to utilize four racquetball courts throughout the hours of operation for challenge play, or pick up games. Speaking of pick up games, there are three basketball courts available also. There are three separate weight rooms with weight equipment that can assist in improving all the muscle groups. Other amenities offered at Rinehart Fitness Center include an Aqua massager which is available at no charge to the patron. What deal! Come in to workout, and get a great massage before you leave. Call the front desk to make an appointment. Rinehart Fitness Center also offers an Indoor Pool for those individuals who are looking for a different type of cardio workout. The 8-lane, 25 meter pool offers two, 1m diving boards and one, 3m diving board, as well as, an elevated viewing section. There is always one lane available for lap swimming, except during swim meets, or dependent upon the unit training mission