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Army Community Service (ACS), B.4700 Mow-Way

The Fort Sill Financial Readiness Program Offers financial education, budget counseling, and support services to assist soldiers and their families.

The Mission: To provide financial education and training to Soldiers and Families and enhance their personal financial readiness and deploy-ability through the use of sound money management and consumer skills.

Effective 1 October, Senior Noncommissioned officers in the rank of Sergeant First Class (SFC) and above are not required to submit an AER application through their Company Commander or First Sergeant or CFNCO. Assistance applications for SFC and above can be submitted directly to the installation AER office.

Hours of Operation:

Monday- Thursday: 8:30 am – 3:00 pm

Friday: 8:30 am – 12 noon.

Closed on Federal Holidays

The last AER request (Mon-Thurs schedule) will be accepted by 3:00 pm.

Announcement: Fort Sill Army Emergency Relief has new scheduling system for clients AER Clients with emergency requests will be assisted on a walk in basis. AER Clients with non-emergency requests will we seen by appointment. All Soldiers E4 and below are required to be escorted by unit CFNCO or Supervisor.

After Hour AER Emergency Travel Request may be submitted to Red Cross.

Contact Army Red Cross at: (877) 272-7337

Services Offered:

Personal Financial Management Training

This is mandatory training for Fort Sill Soldiers on their first permanent Duty station.  Training is held every Friday from 12:30-4:30 pm, Bldg 2871.  Spouses are welcome.

Class Topics Include:

  • Consumer Awareness
  • Budget Plan and Record Keeping
  • Credit and Debt Liquidation
  • Military Pay System
  • Checking Accounts and Checkbook Management
  • Large Item Purchasing

Checkbook Management Training

This training provides military members and their spouses information on keeping track of their financial records.

Class Topics Include:

  • Laws and limitations
  • Setting up a checking account
  • Keeping the account balanced
  • Debit Cards and Automated Transaction Machines (ATM)
  • Understanding the bank statement
  • Reconciling the checkbook with bank statement
  • Saving accounts and investments
  • Special Checks and Cash Transfers

A 1 1/2 hour Remedial Check Book class is scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month in the Training Room, B4700.

CFNCO Training

This training prepares appointed CFAs, E6 and above,  to be able to handle different situations often encountered by our military personnel.

Class Topics Include:

  • Military Legal Assistance process
  • Military Pay Procedures
  • Assistance with rental/utility deposits
  • Budget Counseling Methods
  • Army Emergency Relief/ Loan Processing
  • Consumer Credit Counseling
  • Military Housing Procedures/Emergency
  • Quarters Eligibility and Waivers
  • Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)
  • Financial Counseling
  • Family Supplemental Subsistence Allowance (FSSA)
  • Local and off post resources

Relocation Financial Preparedness Training

This training  provides military members and their family with budget tools such as calculators and spending plans that help reduce the  financial stress of moving.

Class is offered twice a month. Call for schedule. Training is mandatory for E4s and below on their first PCS.


Financial Management Training     

Open to all Soldiers and Families who are interested in learning more about basic financial planning and budget development.

Reservations for all FRP training is required.

Every 3rd Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday Noon  – 4 PM and Wednesday 8 AM  – 12 Noon

(8 hour training)

Training Room, BLDG 4700

AER Loans and Grants

On 15 November 2011, at the annual AER Board of Managers meeting the AER Board Members approved the implementation of 4 new categories of assistance. Effective 2 January 2012 AER Fort Sill is authorized to begin providing AER assistance in the following categories:

  • Dental for Dependents of AD & Retired Soldiers    Limited and reasonable AER assistance up to $4,000 may be provided when a Soldier does not have sufficient funds to cover upfront dependent dental care payments required for treatment or patient’s share of charges that are not covered by dental insurance.
  • The below listing identifies procedures for which AER assistance may be authorized.  Each request should be considered on an individual basis with emphasis on dental needs necessary for individual health.

–        Diagnosis, x-ray, examination, and cleaning

–        Emergency care to alleviate pain

–        Filling of cavities

–        Crowns to include post and core or composite/resin build-ups

–        Treatment of acute periodontal disorders, including necessary periodontal surgery for pain and infection control

–        Root canal therapy

–        Extractions

–        Orthodontia to prevent handicaps or disfigurement

–        Sealants

  • Furniture AER assistance up to $4,000 may be provided to obtain essential and economical furniture, such as bedding, sofa, kitchen table, and crib.
  • Replacement Vehicle AER does not finance the purchase or lease of a new or used privately owned vehicle.  However, for some Soldiers it may be more financially sound to provide AER assistance for a down payment to obtain a more reliable vehicle than repairing an existing vehicle when the cost of repairs is higher than verified value of current vehicle. AER assistance for up to $4,000 for a replacement vehicle will be made directly to the Soldier and not a vendor.
  • Rental Vehicles  Soldiers on emergency leave or awaiting major repairs of a primary vehicle may obtain AER assistance up to $4,000 for a rental vehicle. Their assistance should be of a temporary nature (7-10 days).  (AER caseworkers will ensure Soldiers understand the requirement for appropriate rental insurance should their individual insurance not cover such rentals.  Soldiers requesting AER assistance to obtain a rental vehicle may include funds for rental insurance in their application.)
  • AER assistance for Replacement Vehicle and Rental Vehicle cannot be requested through the Commander Referral Program but may be requested through the regular AER process which includes recommended approval through the Battery/Company Commander or 1SG.
  • Your unit Command Financial Advisor is ready to assist you if you need assistance in completing the AER application.  You may also contact the installation Senior Financial Advisor or ACS Army Emergency Relief at ACS at 580-442-4916.

You can download an AER Checklist here.


Authorized/Unauthorized Categories

Pages 6 and 7 of Army Regulation (AR) 930-4 cite categories for authorized/unauthorized assistance. Most of these categories are listed below. For a complete listing, please review pages 6 and 7 of the regulation.  All documents required when submitting AER request Form 700.

Authorized Categories

– Car repairs for primary vehicle

– Rent and deposit

– Funeral expenses (See requirements)

– Emergency travel expenses

– Assistance with necessities to prevent privation (i.e., food, lodging)

– Pay entitlements that are due but not received.

– Lost or Stolen funds (police report required)

– Utilities/ Food

Unauthorized Categories

– Purchase of a new/used car

– Taxes, registration, fees, licenses

– Credit card payments

– Debt consolidation

– Cable/cell phone bills ( if nonessential)

– Consumer advocacy (someone tricked me) or other reason not listed in AR 930-4

– Divorce

– Marriage

– Legal expenses

– Education expenses

Requesting AER

The first step of requesting Army Emergency Relief involves getting written approval from the chain of command. When Soldiers have a bona fide financial emergency CDR or 1SG will review the situation and determine course of action. Unit Command Financial Advisors will assist Command and Soldier in answering questions.  The CDR or 1SG must provide recommended approval (Form 700 or 600) application for Army Emergency Relief Financial Assistance.

The following steps will provide you with the information needed to initiate an AER application.

1)  Soldier requesting AER assistance must contact their Unit Command Financial Advisor.  If one is not available then the Soldier should contact the Senior Command Financial Advisor. Attach List of Units.

2)  Soldier will submit all supporting information to Command Financial Advisor who will then assist in completing the AER application.


AER Form 700

The Form 700 will require Btry/Company Commander or 1SG recommended approval.  The AER packet will also require supporting documents (see list below).  Once the packet is completed then the Soldier will proceed to Army Community Service AER in BLDG 4700. The AER packet will be reviewed and approved by an AER representative.  All incomplete packets (missing signatures etc.) will be returned to Commander/1SG.

List of required documents:

1)  Military ID card

2)  Current LES

3)  Budget Sheet with all monthly expenses

4)  Actual bill statements of basic living expenses such as utility, auto note, rent, mortgage, auto insurance etc.

5)  Emergency Leave Form

6)  Auto Repairs – 2 Estimates from Auto Repair Shop, Valid Registration and Valid Insurance.  (must be in Soldier’s name)

The Command Financial Advisor will conduct a complete review to make sure that all supporting documents are provided to Commander or 1SG for final recommendation.

Soldiers in the ranks of E8 and above are not required to obtain Btry/Co. Commander or 1SG signature on AER Form 700.  All other documents are required.

*You can download the AER Form 700 here

AER Form 600

This form of assistance will require the Btry/Company Commander or 1SG’s final approval.  The following documents will be included in the AER packet.  (See list below)

List of required documents:

1)  Military ID Card

2)  Current LE

Please note that Btry/ Co. Commander or 1SG may still require you to provide all supporting documentation.

*You can download the AER Form 600 here.


Financial Counseling

  • Budget Counseling
  • Debt liquidation counseling
  • Overall Financial Planning
  • Credit Counseling
  • Credit Report
  • FSSA