New Location: Bldg. 2703 Pittman Street

Monday-Friday: 7:30am-4:30pm
Phone: (580) 558-4988,

FAX: (580) 558-4978

Mary Ellen Saur, Director, (580) 558-4987

Muhammad Ali- Information, Referral and Outreach Coordinator 558-4989

The Soldier and Family Assistance Center (SFAC) is a “one-stop shop” of services and programs that is conveniently co-located within the Warrior Transition Complex. It is a single facility designed to provide a more efficient access for Warrior Transition Unit Soldiers and their Family Members. The centers are staffed with personnel who use their diverse knowledge and skills to help the Soldier in transition with resources and support that address their specific recovery and rehabilitation issues.

Our new mission includes assisting all Fort Sill Soldiers undergoing the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) medical board with transitioning to needs. Please call for appointment at 558-4987.

Enjoy the Soldiers Lounge inside the SFAC

Services Include:

Army Career Alumni Program (ACAP) Counselor, (580) 558-4986

  • Full ACAP Program (ACAP) Counselor
  • TAP Employment Assistance
  • Education and resume building
  • Interview skills development
  • Career planning
  • Transition/employment assistance

Information, Referral and Outreach Coordinator, (580) 558-4989

  • Assist with TSGLI
  • Transition and separation
  • ID cards and CAC cards process information
  • Veteran Affairs referrals
  • Provide community resource listings
  • Access to Army Community Service, Child and Youth Services, Respite Care Service
  • Lodging referral service
  • Welcome packets
  • Language translators
  • Installation passes
  • Access to computer and internet service
  • Referral to Army Substance Abuse Prevention Program
  • In partnership with military life consultants provides stress management programs
  • Provide individual needs assessment and referral to community agencies
  • Information and referral services
  • Family assistance and support programs
  • Conduit to federal, state and non-governmental organizations services

Soldiers can access the internet or use a computer in our computer lab.

Other Services:

  • Internet access
  • Receiving and disbursing donations to Soldiers

Access to the Warrior Transition Command Programs:

  • Army Wounded Warrior Program  (AW2) (580) 558-4982
  • Army Community Service, (580) 442-4916
  • American Red Cross, (580) 442-2426
  • Medical Records, (580) 558-2103
  • WTU OIC Case Manager, (580) 558-4795
  • WTU FRG Assistant, (580) 558-4985
  • WTU Transition Coordinator, (580) 558-4502
  • WTU Comprehensive Transition Plan Analyst, (580) 558-4831
  • WTU Family Readiness Support Assistant, (580) 558-4985
  • MEDCOM Ombudsman, (580) 558-4501
  • Social Security Administration, (580) 248-6830, EXT 1-201

The SFAC also features a child activity room.


CYS Program and Services Support Eligibility for Army Warrior in Transition Families and Survivor Outreach Services