Greg Norman Shows Off Ripped Physique With Scenic Photo Shoot

Greg Norman is an Aussie golfing legend who has had an outstanding career. Some of his achievements include ninety one tournament wins which include two major. At the age of sixty two many people would expect him to take it easy as he enjoys his achievements. But it is evident that despite being a renowned golfer he still loves the limelight. This is confirmed by that he recently showed off his ripped physique with a nude shot by the lake of Colorado. This particular shot shows how he still has the body of a young person with the right muscles at the right places. Most people could not help but wonder what he does to stay fit and healthy.

The former world number one excited his fans through his personal account by saying that, “Not too many options here at 11, 850 ft in Colorado Flat Top Wilderness after a two days in the saddle!!!” He just meant that he just had to strip because of the high temperatures considering that he was at 11, 850 ft. But it is clear that what he wanted to expose most were his abs which are well shaped. In fact, most young people who work out regularly can only dream of having such abs. Therefore, the picture captured the attention of all the people who saw it with most of them being surprised by the fact that at 62 Greg Norman could still be able to maintain such abs.

The ripped physique captured in the image challenges people to adopt the right tactics to get such abs. In fact, it is a known fact that many people spend a lot of time and resources in gyms trying to get such abs. But from the picture it seemed like Greg Norman gets the abs in a simple manner without struggling. This clearly shows that he knows a certain secret which would benefit a lot of people if they knew it.

The nude shot created a lot of excitement with his followers having mixed reactions. One of his followers @thunderbirdsgo wrote, “creepy picture of an old man”. This is probably a person who envied the well shaped body of Greg Morgan but did not want to show it directly. Such followers seemed to only criticize the fact that Greg Norman is 62 years old. Another follower @sam_loft_ wrote, “Give me your meal plan!!!Lol”. Such followers were genuinely admitting that they admired and envied the well shaped body and the abs. the followers wanted Norman to share the secret he applies to get such a body so that they could also apply the particular secret.

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