3 clothing tricks that help you appear more muscular

Just like me, and most guys out there, you would probably like to appear a bit more muscular than you are now. There the two ways you can achieve this: regular workout combined with a high protein diet, and manipulating your dressing to let your chest and arm appear bigger and muscular than they are.

If you rarely visit the gym and you are looking to take advantage of your clothing, then continue reading. If you opt for the first method, what would be the point of all the effort at the gym if your clothes will eventually hide all that hard work? So, whether you are a jacked or hard gainer, you will benefit from these dressing tricks that make your muscles look more impressive than they actually are.

1. Keenly observe the Seams

It is essential to ensure that the seams of your clothing do not fall over your shoulder while you put them on. Use the mirror to confirm where the seams on your shirt line up. If the seams lining does not align or fall below your shoulder line, people will not only think that the shirt does not fit you, but they will also see you even smaller than you actually are.

The trick is to have either the seams slightly raised above the shoulders, or make them line up squarely on the top of your shoulders. This will not only make your muscles look impressive, but you will also appear bigger and broader to be contained in your shirt.

2. Find a shirt that perfectly fits you

Another important way to show off your muscles is picking the perfect fit for you. Try a well-fitted shirt that accentuates your chest and biceps to make you look broader than you are. However, you must avoid anything that is too tight or too loose especially if you have a scrawny frame because they tend to worsen it. Go for a shirt that hugs your shoulders and arms but avoids those that hug your lower extremities and midsection.

A cotton T-shirt with an elasticity of about 1- to 5-% offers a fantastic way for slim guys to broaden their shoulders and beef up their appearance optically. Unlike other materials, cotton in this range is not likely to form wrinkles and will accurately cling to your body

3. Pick shirts with a strategic pattern

The patterns on your shirt can either elongate or add mass all around your body. A shirt with vertical stripes tends to make you appear taller while that with horizontal stripes make your body look wider than you are. Assuming that you picked a perfect fit in the first place, wearing a shirt with patterns that cross your body will further make your shoulders appear broader and ultimately giving you muscles a vastly bigger look.

Apart from the horizontal stripe pattern, the colour should be darker across the chest and shoulders, and lighter around the lower section. The darker colour on the top will cling more to your body, creating the illusion that you are beefier and muscular than you are.