Cole Sprouse wears hair extensions for new role

It is hard to imagine Cole Sprouse without his attractive blonde hair that made him popular during his Disney days on the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. But the actor is now grown up and after his graduation in NYU he is going to take a new acting role in CW’s upcoming television series.

Most of his fans could not recognize him with his new makeover as Cole Sprouse has changed from blond to jet-black to play Jughead. It was surprising to see this new transformation and most of his fan could not recognize him for the changes posted on twitter.

Sabrina captioned the video “Bringing mullets back @colesprouse.” Dozens fans in twitter dozens of theories about the look of the actor as well as the caption used. Some tends to believe that the actor was wearing costar extension from his girl friend Lili Reinhart, while others have expressed their excitement with the Cole-Sabrina relationship.

Although one of these theories is unlikely to be correct, surely, one of the theories is likely to be correct. It has been revealed that Sabrina and Cole are now working together on an upcoming photoshoot and Cole must have borrowed the hair extension from Sabrina for the hilarious clip that he posted on twitter. The hair extension turned his look completely and in the post does not look like Cole at all. If he continue posting things like that, Cole is likely to attract more and more fans as many are eager to watch the actor in upcoming television series. Let keep our fingers crossed as we wait for another in the near future.

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