Hilary Duff Looks Amazing With Her New Hair Extensions

Have you ever gone to your hair stylist and told them that you want to achieve the look of a specific celebrity? If your answer is yes, you are certainly not alone. Women all over the country use celebrities like Hilary every day as inspiration for their own personal transformations. Visit Clip in Hair Extensions¬†for some examples. While certain celebrity-inspired hairstyles are certainly realistic and doable, it is important that you know the secret behind many of your favourite celebrities’ envy-provoking, long, perfectly full and wavy locks. We are here to fill you in.

Let’s continue with Hilary Duff as our celebrity example. Hilary is undoubtedly a star with an extensive and diverse fan following, so she holds a lot of influencer power when it comes to hair inspiration. Loyal fans have followed along attentively this past year as she married Matthew Koma, went on an amazing honeymoon, and started filming the new Lizzie McGuire reboot. On Instagram alone, Hilary has over 14.4 million followers. Yes, she is popular (and she has great hair).

Hilary Duff Just Added Inches to Her Hair and Looks Entirely Different:

Given that Hilary has such a big celebrity spotlight on her at all times, we have the power to very closely monitor her hairstyle changes. For many years, Hilary was known and recognised for embracing a really unique and short-styled blonde bob. She also is known for her signature Lizzie McGuire blonde bangs look. Then recently – and seemingly overnight – Hilary appeared on social media with a brand new, long and wavy hairstyle. Understandably, this left many of her most loyal fans feeling quite confused. How could her hair have grown over 6-inches in such a short period of time?

Hilary Duff’s Hair Transformation Secret:

Hilary’s secret – and the secret behind so many other famous celebrity’s drastic style changes – is hair extensions. Yes, we are talking about individual hair strands that can be made of either genuine human hair, synthetic materials or a combination of the two. These extensions are attached to your hair either semi-permanently for a longer-lasting effect or temporarily for a clip-in, one-time look.

The great thing about hair extensions is that they are really versatile, and they have the power to completely change your look in a matter of hours. The downside to Hilary Duff’s hair secret is that hair extensions, like most things that sound too good to be true, come at a price. Depending on the material and brand you decide on, these can cost you up to $1,000 dollars.

Achieving Your Own Hair Transformation Like Hilary Duff:

Luckily, there are increasingly more and more affordable hair extension options popping up in the market. One of the most affordable brands, Pure Hair, offers 16″ – 30″ clip in hair extensions that will cost you as low as $139. Another great and affordable option is human hair wigs. They also offers a ponytail hair extension that is 22″ long, really easy to put on, and completely natural looking.

So, now that you know the secret behind Hilary Duff’s awesome new hair look, and that you can achieve a similar style at an affordable price, you can get started with achieving your own overnight transformation without even having to go to your hair salon.